Cement Tile Shop Europe – Now Open!

We are pleased to announce Cement Tile Shop Europe! Contact us at +44 (0) 15278 92885.

In response to requests we get to ship to Europe, we have now made the process easier and more cost effective by stocking some of our most popular handmade cement tile patterns in the UK. Stocked tiles are from our premium Pacific Collection. This collection features the most precise edges and patterns on the market.

Cement Tile Shop Europe


Most orders ship out immediately and are delivered to locations within the UK within 2-3 business days. Orders throughout the rest of Europe are typically delivered in less than 7 days.

Custom orders of our cement tile are also available from our European office. Information can be found on our Cement Tile Shop Europe webpage or by calling our European office at +44 (0) 15278 92885.

Cement Tile Shop has experience supplying material for projects of all sizes. We look forward to helping with your commercial or residential project!