House Crashers – DIY Network

Who doesn’t love a good episode of House Crashers!

I know we do.

The hugely popular series, on the DIY Network, follows host Josh Temple as he tries to find a random customer at a home improvement store that will agree to take him to his/her house to help with a home project. After finding a “troubled” area of the home, Josh surprises the individual by agreeing to do a full remodel of the space. The project is then completed in a few short days with the help of the homeowner and friends.

We are thrilled that the show used our Bouquet II pattern in an episode of this season’s show. The episode is titled “Arched Mediterranean Kitchen” (Season 11, Episode 2) and follows a couple as they get a complete kitchen renovation. Our handmade cement tile is used on the kitchen backsplash to create a unique centerpiece for the space. The Bouquet cement tile pattern blends in perfectly with the new kitchen’s Mediterranean theme.

Check out the clip below or tune in to DIY for the whole episode.


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American Rehab: Detroit – DIY Network

Our handmade cement tiles were used on the recently aired episode of American Rehab: Detroit on the DIY Network.

The show follows the story of Chris Lee and his wife Amy.They took a leap of faith and  bought a huge, dilapidated house in Detroit. Chris’s great-grandparents lived in the grand home during the height of their wealth in the 1920’s, but lost everything in the Depression. The house had been neglected and abandoned for years until Chris and Amy purchased it at auction for $8,000. The couple fixes up the grand property throughout the season, trying to get done before their daughter begins to walk.

The living room project, with help from designer Ellen Premtaj of Elle Interiors in Detroit, uses the CH120-1A cement tile pattern from our Cuban Heritage Collection on a restoration of the fireplace surround. The end result looks amazing.

American Rehab: Detroit - Cement Tile Shop - CH120-1A Pattern

Check out the show to witness the inspiring transformation. The episode will repeat on Feb. 26th at 7:00 PM or watch the full episode below. For a full listing of episodes visit American Rehab: Detroit.

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