Anodyne Coffee – Milwaukee, WI

Anodyne Coffee Roasting Company is a locally owned, small batch roaster proudly working in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They aim to provide an exceptional cup of coffee using just enough technology, coupled with the experience of their staff, to ensure exact repeatable results and assured satisfaction with every roast, every time.

Anodyne Coffee - Cement Tile Shop Laurel Pattern

Anodyne Coffee, founded in 1999, has several locations in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They recently opened an outpost at the Milwaukee Public Market and used our Laurel handmade cement tile pattern as the focal point of the location on the coffee counter bar face.

Our Laurel cement tile pattern is designed by Anna Burrous, one of several in our collection. This tile pattern, in Ash Grey and White, is in stock and ready to ship.

Cement Tile Shop - Laurel Pattern

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