Dos Jefes – Dallas

Dallas hot spot Dos Jefes embodies the zest, freedom and passion of Latin and Asian heritages, cuisine and spirits in an exciting tequila bar atmosphere. Artful and savory Latin-asian tapas are paired perfectly with handcrafted cocktails in a high-energy social lounge.

Dos Jefes - Circulos Black (3)

This playful space uses our in stock Circulos Black 12″ x 12″ pattern. This large format (most standard cement tiles are 8″ x 8″) classic pattern in black and white ties the space together inside and out. It is even used on the outdoor patio and looks amazing with the hardwood and black steel finishes.

Dos Jefes - Circulos Black (4) Dos Jefes - Circulos Black (5)

Next time you are in Dallas looking for an entertaining place to spend the evening, enjoy great food and some music, be sure to stop by and check out Dos Jefes. Oh yeah, and and of course visit to see our beautiful handmade cement tile!

Dos Jefes - Circulos Black (1) Dos Jefes - Circulos Black (2) Dos Jefes - Circulos Black (6)

Contact Cement Tile Shop at (800) 704-2701 for more information on how to incorporate our cement tile into your next project. Check out our other great in stock items here.

My Cooking Party – New York, NY

My Cooking Party is a New York City based culinary company staging hands-on corporate team building events and private cooking classes. They host large & small groups for company outings, holiday parties, birthday culinary classes, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and cooking competition experiences. My Cooking Party has 4 locations that provide hands-on, engaging cooking classes that allow you to learn by doing!

My Cooking Party - Cement Tile Shop - Circulos White

The Flatiron location used our Circulos White pattern to create a stunning environment in which to cook and learn. With a kitchen that looks like this who wouldn’t want to cook!

My Cooking Party - Cement Tile Shop - Circulos WhiteMy Cooking Party - Cement Tile Shop - Circulos White

Visit My Cooking Party for your next event or to hone your culinary skills, you will not regret it!

Circulos White is in stock, available in 8″ x 8″ or 12″ x 12″, and ready to ship. Contact Cement Tile Shop at (800) 704-2701 for more information or to order.

Ticety Iced Tea Bar – Coral Gables, FL

The concept behind Ticety Iced Tea Bar in Coral Gables, FL is to elevate the process of drinking tea to something beyond a standard cup of tea and infuse authenticity and presentation into every glass.

Tea is the focus, and everything on the menu is organic and natural, with no artificial flavors. Ticety is presenting their tea as something that should be savored, like a good glass of wine. They serve a variety of teas from all over the world, including a varieties of green, white, and black teas.

Ticety Iced Tea Bar - Coral Gables

Ticety boasts a large, open lounge space complete with booths, comfy chairs, and a bar where the approximately 80 tea selections are stored. The floors of the iced tea bar showcase our Circulos Black handmade cement tile. TIcety also features an amazing living wall of vertical gardening! Along with our environmentally friendly flooring, the living wall also promotes health and well being.

Ticety Iced Tea Bar - Coral GablesCement Tile Shop - Circulos Black

Ticety also serves gourmet sandwiches, salads and French pastries, so be sure to check out this amazing place and get some great tea next time you are in Coral Gables!

Cement Tile Shop - Circulos BlackCement Tile Shop - Circulos Black

Our Circulos Black handmade cement tile is in stock and ready to ship. It is also stocked and available in 12″ x 12″. Contact Cement Tile Shop at (800) 704-2701 for more information or to order.

Circulos Blue – St. Petersburg, FL

Sometimes we receive a great picture that we just have to share. When it’s accompanied by a great review even better!

A client in St. Petersburg, FL sent in this beautiful picture of our Circulos Blue handmade cement tile in her gorgeous and cozy sunroom.

Circulos Blue Room

She says:

Just finished a sun room project using Cement Tile from Cement Tile Shop. Order was custom but arrived within the time period stated when purchased. Delivery of tile was on time and it arrived in perfect condition. Love the unique look of these tiles. Makes me happy to look at it with the beautiful color and pattern.

We really appreciate the great review and love the finished space!

Our Circulos Blue pattern is in stock. Several other colors of this pattern are also available and ready to ship. All of our tile patterns can also be customized in the colors of your choice. Contact Cement Tile Shop at (800) 704-2701 for more information or to order.

Reveille Coffee Co. – San Francisco, CA

Reveille Coffee Co. in San Francisco, California recently opened a brick and mortar location as a companion to their Financial District coffee truck. The cafe, by brothers Christopher and Tommy Newbury, offers ample seating, a front patio and a food offering that adds dinner options to the already-established breakfast and lunch menus.

Reveiille Coffe Co. - San Francisco

Our Circulos White pattern was used to create a refreshing, warm, welcoming look to the popular coffee shop. This classic handmade cement tile color combination is in-stock in both 8″ x 8 (as pictured) and 12″ x 12″  sizes and is ready to ship. Multiple color combinations are available or they may be customized to your taste.

Reveiille Coffe Co. - San FranciscoReveiille Coffe Co. - San Francisco

Contact Cement Tile Shop at (800) 704-2701 for more information or to order!

Large Format Cement Tiles – In Stock

Now in stock! – our large format (12″ x 12″) cement tiles in our popular Circulos Black and Circulos White patterns, as well as solid black and solid white field tiles.

Although handmade cement tiles are traditionally 8″ x 8″ (20cm x 20cm), we are thrilled that we can now offer in-stock tile in a larger 12″ x 12″ size (30cm x 30cm).

Circulos 12x12

These tiles should prove to be extremely popular in commercial applications, but would also look great in residential installations.

Please contact Cement Tile Shop at (800) 704-2701 for more information or to order.

Circulos Black – A Classic

Our Circulos Black handmade cement tile is like your favorite black dress and heels. It just never seems to go out of style. This pattern looks great in both traditional and modern spaces.

Circulos Blog

Some of our customers have recently provides us with perfect examples.

We love the use of Circulos Black in this gorgeous bathroom provided by a customer in New Jersey. There is a great mixture of the traditional and modern. The exposed brick and wooden beams, along with the beautiful tile, really make the bathroom a unique space.

Peribere Circulos

Circulos Black also looks great in this traditional kitchen in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Linker - Circulos

There is also nothing like the distinctive look of this classic bathroom in Princeton, New Jersey. The tile combined with the high baseboards and classic vanity look great together.

Kaman - Circulos Large

Circulos Black is in stock and ready to ship!