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How Its Made

How Cement Tile is Made

Each Cement Tile Shop cement tile is handmade in the same way that hydraulic encaustic tiles have been crafted since the 1800's, with skills and techniques passed from generation to generation. Our cement tiles are 100% handcrafted, paying attention to individual design and colors specifications. Cement Tile Shop tiles can be manufactured to any design, shape, size and color. Quality control is performed on an individual basis (piece by piece).

Green Product

Cement tiles are not a pollutant because they are manufactured with 100% natural materials, do not contain any lead, are non-flammable and 100% recyclable. Our tiles meet DCOF (Dynamic Coefficient of Friction) standards for slip resistance and are safe to use in commercial or residential environments.

Production Process

Each cement tile consists of three layers:

First Layer
The wear layer or tile face is a mixture of highly resistant portland white cement, powdered white marble and natural colorants. Wear resistance, color and brightness rely on the quality of this layer.

Second Layer
This layer is a mortar made of fine sand and standard portland gray cement. The mortar is applied as a base to reinforce the first layer, providing the ability to withstand high compression loads for the finished product.

Third Layer
This is a porous mixture with the required thickness for impact strength before and after installation. This is accomplished by using rich high quality cement.

The tile is then hydraulically pressed under high pressure. A good tile should be highly compact and waterproof. Once complete, the tile is soaked in water and undergoes a thorough curing process.

For a thorough understanding of our handmade process and the production of Cement Tile Shop tiles and breeze block, please watch the videos below.

Cement Tile Shop Handmade Cement Tiles

Cement Tile Shop Brass Inlay Tiles

Cement Tile Shop Hydraulic Breeze Block