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Our Zellige tiles are handmade in Morocco using a process that dates back to the 12th century. These spectacular tiles are famous for their variations in shades and textures, creating a stunning, blended appearance. Zelliges are handmade, fired in a kiln and handcut. This results in natural variations in size and shape. Zelliges tiles have irregular edges, chips, indentations and variations in color, shade and thickness - no two tiles look the same, nor are they meant to! The charming irregularities in each individual tile create a mesmerizing, almost living effect on a wall or floor.

Zelliges is the Arabic word for "fired clay". During the tile making process, clay is mixed with water and pressed into small wooden molds. The clay is dired in the sun to remove moisture. The tiles are fired twice in a traditional kiln. The first firing turns the clay into a tile biscuit. The clay biscuits are then glazed with color and fired for a second time. The kiln can become as hot as 800 degrees celcius. Once removed from the kiln, the zelliges are hand cut to their final shape.

Zelliges can be used for interiors and exteriors and are frost resistant to temperatures as low as minus 20 Celsius. They can also withstand temperatures as high as 50 Celsius. Zelliges can be applied to walls and (light traffic) floors. They can be used in showers, saunas and even in fountains and swimming pools.

Although we stock many Zellige tiles, custom orders in the shape or pattern of your choice are available. Please contact us at (800) 704-2701 for more information. Stock quantities vary and availability is noted on the individual product pages.