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Flexcolor CQ Grout

Flexcolor CQ Grout
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  • Flexcolor CQ Grout

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Product details

Ready-to-Use Grout with Color-Coated Quartz. Flexcolor CQ is formulated with the latest innovation in quartz aggregate, which ensures color consistency, ease of cleanability and improved workability. This grout is premixed and ready to use. This grout can be used on sensitive tile surfaces once tested and cures naturally from evaporation of the low level of water in the formulation. With quartz grout, dark colors (even black) can be used on cement tiles when installed correctly.
Collection: Flexcolor CQ Specs
Notes: Covers 138 sq. ft. (1/8" Grout Joint) - up to 278 sq. ft. (1/16" Grout Joint)